Elina:As If I Wasn ‘t There

Director: Klaus Haro

SWEDEN/FINLAND|2002 Runtime 77 mins Language Swedish/Finnish with English subtitles Suitable for ages

Set in northern Sweden in the 1950s,this stunningly shot film has particular historical resonance for an Irish audience.Authoritarian schoolteacher Mrs Holm (Bibi Andersson) insists that the minority of Finnish-speaking pupils speak Swedish exclusively,but Elina (Natalie Minnevik),stubborn and independent, resists as best she can,retreating to the bog for imaginary conversations with her dead father.Things take a turn for the better when a new teacher, Einar Bjork (Henrik Rafaelsen),joins the school,and above all when Elina ‘s Swedish schoolmates begin to support her.Elinawon the Children ‘s Jury Prize at the 2003 Berlinale.

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