El Milagro de P.Tinto

One of the most wildly imaginative and technically assured European films of recent years, this absurdist comedy is the feature debut of Madrid-born Javier Fesser, whose earlier career was in advertising (he’s also the creator of the infamous baby-kicking granny short of internet fame). P. Tinto’s Miracle is set across three time periods, each 25 years apart. It begins with the boy P. Tinto dreaming of having lots of children together with his childhood sweetheart Olivia, who is blind. Years later, the adult couple move into a deserted house and furiously pray to San Nicolas for a child. Neither understands the physical mechanics of having babies, and the film is an interesting homage to their lifelong innocence. Just when the couple has given up all hope, a ‘miracle’ seems to ensure the continuation of the Tinto family. Filled with surreal gags, bizarre set designs and eye-popping visual effects, Fesser’s film is an entertaining cocktail of social satire and other-worldly fantasy that will appeal to fans of Delicatessen.
Spain, 1998.
English subtitles.
Dolby digital stereo.
106 mins.

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