Director: Jean-Marc Moutout

90 minutes • France-Belgium • 2011

Paul Wertret (a riveting Jean-Pierre Darroussin) arises one morning, prepares for the day, kisses his wife goodbye, and goes to his job as a bank executive, where he calmly shoots his bosses. Waiting at his desk for the police to arrive, he reminisces on the events that have brought him to this point. While it’s tempting to view the film in the context of the current economic crisis, it is in fact based on a genuine incident from 2004, and is more about alienation in the corporate workplace. Paul is a decent man who has worked hard to build the career that defines him. As his superiors coldly tear this down in the name of efficiency, Paul slowly falls apart in this excellent drama which contains much audiences will recognise.

(Nov 25th includes introduction and Q&A with Jean-Pierre Darroussin and Michel Ciment; Nov 26th introduced by Jean-Pierre Darroussin.)<

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