Irish Film Institute -EAFFI 2021: THE CLOUD IN HER ROOM


Director: Zheng Lu Xinyuan

101 mins, Hong Kong, China, 2020, Subtitled, Black and White

Muzi (Jin Jing), 22, accompanies her little half-sister to school where she meets a local bar owner, the father of another student. The strange man reminds Muzi of an old friend, reawakening memories of a relationship which suddenly disappeared. When Muzi’s Beijing photographer boyfriend arrives for a visit, the two roam a city that to Muzi feels so familiar yet distant as she searches for a place where she belongs. Set during a wet winter in Xinyuan’s hometown Hangzhou, the film reveals a city deformed by transformation, reflecting the transient state of mind of Muzi, through moments, flashing memories. Zheng Lu Xinyuan’s strikingly poetic, experimental and intimate debut feature, shot in luminous black and white is like a fragmented diary, both personal and very contemporary.

‘… beautiful, honest and thought provoking… visually luminous, a feast for the eyes and ears’ (Vanessa Gildea, Irish filmmaker and producer)

Screening as part of the East Asia Film Festival Ireland 2021, March 25th to March 28th.

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