Dutch Harbor: Where the Sea Breaks its Back

Dutch Harbor is located on Unalaska Island,part of the Aleutian Chain off the west coast of Alaska.For years it was considered untamed territory – a place of harsh elements,hardworking fishermen,and minimal law and order.It was as far west (both geographically and psychologically)as one could travel.Now Dutch Harbor is a community in transition.Civilization has crept in;one of the last bastions of frontierism is becoming domesticated.Paved roads and fast food are soon to be taken for granted in a place once known for its individualism, lawlessness and lack of structure.Through the poetic combination of residents’ personal narratives with beautifully stark imagery of Unalaska,Dutch Harbor, and crab fishing on the Bering Sea, Dutch Harbor:Where the Sea Breaks its Back is an unusually expressive and layered documentary – a cinematic exploration of the last place to go.


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