Irish Film Institute -Drole de Felix

Drole de Felix

The charm of this second feature from the writer-director team of Olivier Ducatel and Jacques Martineau has a lot to do with the charismatic performance of Sami Bouajili in the title role. Felix is a young gay man who loses his job in Dieppe and journeys to Marseilles in search of the father who abandoned him before he was born. Along the way, this open-hearted young man meets a series of individuals whom he co-opts as members of an honorary ‘family’. The loveable, attractive Felix charms those he meets even as he gradually comes to reassess the purpose of his journey in light of some his less pleasant encounters on the road. Life as a gay man of mixed parentage involves momentary eruption of violence and prejudice. That Felix maintains his positive outlook is what makes him so endearing. The journey may not be that original, as Felix admits, but this is a warm, tender and humane movie that’s wholly irresistible.

France, 1999.
English subtitles.
Dolby stereo SR.
95 min.

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