Dreaming the Quiet Man

Director: Sé Merry Doyle

The Quiet Man has become a touchstone for Irish cinema and Sé Merry Doyle’s documentary here has academics, directors (including Martin Scorsese), anecdote-filled locals who were involved with the filming and Maureen O’Hara come forward to extol the virtues of both Ford and his film. Portraying Ford as a cantankerous genius, the film explains how his love for and obsession with Ireland, born of his Irish roots, led him to investing a previously unseen emotional depth into his pastoral vision of rural Ireland. Alongside this vision of Ford is a journey through the legends and debates surrounding the film, from the tourist industry it has birthed in Galway and Mayo where it was shot, to the often controversial arguments surrounding the film’s representations of Ireland. Adopting a laudatory tone Dreaming the Quiet Man acts as a companion piece to Ford’s film that fleshes out the mythologies around the film.

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