95 minutes| U.K.| 1964| Black and White| New Digital Restoration| D-Cinema

Stanley Kubrick: Master of Comedy? Of the many charges levelled at that most monolithic of movie masters, Stan the Man’s reputation as a rather funny fellow remains relatively unsung. Yet several of Kubrick’s key works offer some of the blackest, bleakest and most bitterly hilarious comedy committed to film, none more so than this seminal tale of cold war insanity. Kubrick let it be known that the inspiration for Peter Sellers’ eponymous mad scientist came directly from Metropolis’ Dr. Rotwang – not least the mechanical hand Strangelove has such trouble keeping under control. Herr Doctor is but one of three roles Sellers essays here in one of the few films capable of harnessing the talents of this comedic colossus; even then, he’s given a run for his money by a cast that includes George C. Scott, Sterling Hayden and, as Major ‘King’ Kong, the immortal Slim Pickens. As final curtain calls for the human race go, it’s a total riot.

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