U.K. • 1964 • BLACK AND WHITE • 35MM • 94 MIN

Suspecting a Communist plot to ‘sap and ‘impurify’ our precious bodily fluids’, General Jack D. Ripper (Sterling Hayden) launches a unilateral nuclear strike against the Soviet Union. A bumbling President apologetically alerts a drunken Russian premier; American troops storm Ripper’s compound to avert disaster; a sinister Dr. Strangelove lurks in the wings to offer advice on survival in the event of nuclear fallout.

Some of Kubrick’s most iconic imagery is here: mushroom clouds of devastation set against the strains of Vera Lynn’s We’ll Meet Again; Slim Pickens’ pilot whooping like a rodeo rider astride a bomb that will blow the world to smithereens. Peter Sellers tackles three roles with comic aplomb, George C. Scott is simply sensational, and Kubrick’s direction dazzles as it implacably records the consequences of man being not simply dominated but destroyed by the technology he has created. Political satire does not get much tougher than this.

The IFI in association will CND Ireland will present a special guest speaker, Playwright Bernard Farrell, to introduce the screening on Sunday April 26th.
Due to unforeseen circumstances, the panel discussion following the screening has had to be cancelled.

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