Irish Film Institute -Double Carpet

Double Carpet

Director: Mark Kilroy

Taking its title from a racing term that signifies odds of 3-1, Double Carpet is an intense and humorous film about obsession and the strains it puts on a relationship. Ray (Darragh Kelly) is a passionate gambler who lives with his long-suffering partner Helen (Jasmine Russell). At the end of a race meeting, Ray helps an old man push his car out of the mud. In return he is given a tip on a sure thing. Ray sets about raising the stakes. He sells his car, borrows money from the bank and asks Helen for a loan. For her, this proves to be the final staw, and she leaves. Ray’s fate comes down to one race. Against the odds, the horse must win.
Mark Kilroy’s comic tale of passion and guilt boasts some strong performances, not only from Kelly and Russell but also Tom Hickey and Garret Keogh as Ray’s cronies and Johnny Murphy as the bookie, all of whom add depth and intrigue to this well crafted short feature.

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