Irish Film Institute -Doris Dorrie

Doris Dorrie

As part of this year’s Dublin Writers Festival, the German filmmaker and writer Doris Dorrie will take part in a public interview following a screening of Enlightenment Guaranteed in the IFC on June 15th at 11 am. Doris Dorrie has produced a comedy of manners on her favourite topic: men adrift. Two brothers are wrestling with mid-life crisis: one reckons the meditative road to Zen is the answer, and has accordingly planned a stay at a Japanese monastery. The other, a Frasier Crane lookalike who has just found himself dumped by his wife, belatedly insists on joining him. This fish-out -of water comedy recalls Dorrie’s hit film Men and reveals her talent for social observation and commentary with a deep understanding of human foibles.
1999, English subtitles, Colour, 108mins

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