Doo Wop

Director: David Lanzmann

1h 30min. 2005

With his debut feature, David Lanzmann pays homage to the first works of Godard, Cassavetes, Coppola and Scorsese as he follows hipster Ziggy (Mikael Fitoussi) zipping around the neon-streaked streets of Paris on his mission as manager to a funk band called The Dirty Socks. Ziggy wakes up in the run-down Parisian hotel where he lives, thinking this is just going to be another hot summer’s day. While hanging out with a buddy in front of a hotel where Francis Ford Coppola is supposedly staying, he sees ex-girlfriend. Marie (Caroline Ducey). The two awkwardly catch up over coffee, Ziggy realizing he loved Marie only after she left him five years ago. But gradually it emerges Ziggy has much bigger problems than commitment phobia Although plot is somewhat cliched, the film’s tone has a springy looseness to match the funky soundtrack. Director David Lanzmann steals Paris back from Godard, Truffaut and their contemporaries. Cast includes: Mikaël Fitoussi, Caroline Ducey, Clovis Cornillac.

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