Donal Foreman, in conversation with the IFI’s Michael Ryan, will present a selection of his short films which stylistically and thematically foreshadow his debut feature, Out of Here which opens on November 7th at the IFI.

PULL (20 minutes, 2009)
During one summer’s day in Dublin, a girl reaches a painful turning point in her most intimate relationship.

REFUGE (10 minutes, 2009)
A troubled office worker goes for a long walk through Dublin city.

 DAY 61: OCCUPY WALL STREET (11 minutes, 2011)
An experimental documentary about New York’s Occupy Wall Street movement.

THE GHOST SAID (18 minutes, 2014)
Long after the couple separated, the orphaned memories of their encounter resurface

Tickets cost €5 per person.  

Total duration approx 90 minutes


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