Das Wunder von Bern

Director: Sonke Wortmann

Germany 2003| Drama| English Subtitles| 118 mins

A huge hit in Germany, director Sonke Wortmann’s Das Wunder von Bern joins our touring programme. Unlike our previous titles, this intensely emotional and touching family drama is set in 1954, during West Germany’s World Cup football campaign.
As the film opens, the Soviet Union is sending home its prisoners of war. Among them is Richard, the father of quiet, football-loving Matthias, an 11-year-old boy who lives with his mother, sister and brother in a Ruhr mining town. Richard has trouble adapting to family life: he disapproves of Matthias’ obsession with football and clashes with the elder son. But Matthias’ passion and spirit brings about a change of heart. Alongside this story, we also follow the football team as they make their way through the qualifying rounds in Bern. They go on to achieve that ‘miracle’ that in this film is as much about football as it is about family and the gradual rebuilding of post-war Germany.
Our German film project has recently been awarded the European Language Label 2003. Since this project began in 1998, we have toured six films (Das Versprechen, Jenseits der Stille, Lola rennt, Absolute Giganten, Emil und die Detektive and Good Bye Lenin) to venues nationwide and reached audiences of up to 6,000 per year.
This year we continue with the hit film, Das Wunder von Bern. However, to mark the success of our project, we are offering teachers the chance to bring their students to local screenings of Lola rennt or Good Bye Lenin! , our most popular films to date. If you can ensure an audience of 150 we will arrange for a film screening at your local venue. Two weeks notice required, €4 per student.
Contact IFI EDUCATION on (01) 6795744 for more information.

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