Dark Days

Director: Marc Singer

Five years in the making, and the winner of countless festival awards, Marc Singer’s feature documentary is about a community of homeless people living in a train tunnel beneath New York’s Manhattan. The film depicts a way of life that’s unimaginable to most of those who walk the streets above. In the pitch black of the tunnel, the residents lie beside the tracks in huts, the interiors of which are furnished with discarded articles, found along the city streets. For some of those who have gone, literally, underground, this place has been home for as long as twenty-five years. Director Singer himself abandoned life on the outside to spend all of his time with the tunnel community, making it his home for two years. Remarkably, he had no previous film experience and completed this polished work not only with the full co-operation of his subjects but with these non-professionals making up the technical crew. Dark Days is an eye-opening experience whose real power comes from its incredibly intimate account of human vulnerability and endurance.

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