Danny Deckchair

Director: Jeff Balsmeyer

2003. Colour. Dolby digital stereo. 101 min.

This attractive comedy from US-born but Aussie-based writer-director Jeff Balsmeyer offers a feel-good story about a put-upon labourer who, through an act of fate, is given a new chance in life in a small-town paradise far from the dreary city suburbs and his annoying, faithless girlfriend. At a barbecue in the garden of his suburban Sydney home, Danny (Rhys Ifans) lifts into the skies in a helium-filled contraption. To the amazement of his friends and partner, he disappears into a violent thunderstorm, eventually crash landing hundreds of miles away in the backyard of lonely, frustrated Glenda (Miranda Otto). Ifans and the always reliable Otto make a charming romantic couple, the flying scenes are spectacular, and altogether this is an endearing fantasy about a loser who discovers love and a new life in the back of beyond.

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