Director: Gordon Flemyng

81 minutes, U.K., 1966, Colour, D-Cinema

On the occasion of the Timelord’s 50th anniversary, we present what remain (to date) his only outings on the big screen. The introduction of the Daleks, the Doctor’s greatest and most enduring enemy, during William Hartnell’s incarnation of the First Doctor was such a success that these films, non-canon retellings of The Daleks and The Dalek Invasion of Earth television serials respectively, were rushed into production. To make them more palatable to an international audience, established star Peter Cushing (whose centenary is also celebrated this year) was cast as a more kindly, avuncular Doctor than Hartnell’s crotchety character.

In the second film of our double bill, Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 A.D., the Doctor and Susan return, this time with his niece Louise and policeman Tom (Bernard Cribbins, who would later be of such significance to the Tenth Doctor). Finding themselves on a ruined Earth, with the human race enslaved by the Daleks, the group join the resistance. (Notes by Kevin Coyne.)

As part of our Dr. Who double bill, Dr. Who and the Daleks will be showing directly before this screening on November 10th at 16.30.

Tickets for the double bill €15; tickets for each film at normal prices.

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