Irish Film Institute -D.E.B.S.



U.S.A.| 2004. Colour. Dolby digital stereo. 91 mins.

Director Angela Robinson’s lesbian take on Charlie’s Angels is a feature-length expansion on her short film of the same name, which won the DLGFF Audience Award for Best Short Film last year. Amy (Sara Foster) is a member of an elite force of plaid-skirted female agents who have been groomed by a government agency to fight evil wherever they find it. But the very existence of the D.E.B.S. is threatened when Amy falls for sexy criminal mastermind Lucy Diamond (Jordana Brewster). Has the ‘prefect’ D.E.B. really betrayed her country? Will the rest of the group ‘save’ her in time? Robinson’s hilarious script combines a sexy lesbian romance with fantastic girls-with-guns action.

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