Irish Film Institute -Crooked Mile, The

Crooked Mile, The

Set in Ireland, The Crooked Mile is a coming of age movie, a contemporary fairy tale about the journey of nine-year old Anna and a medical school drop out, Elliot.
Anna is a streetwise, outgoing girl who lives with her diabetic mother, Jane. The two are always on the move, and the only constant in Anna’s environment is a picture of James Dean, who she believes is her father.
When her mother is hospitalised for a week, Anna cleverly convinces the authorities that neighbour Elliot should look after her. His reluctance to take responsibility makes Anna feel unwanted. She takes the picture of James Dean along with her pet goldfish and embarks on a journey to find her real father.
The film has recently won the Tribeca Entertainment First Look award in November and is the first feature film outside the USA to receive the award.

Ireland 2001
76 mins
Director: Stephen Kane

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