Cowboys and Angels

Director: David Gleeson

Set in Limerick City, Cowboys and Angels explores the alienation of Shane Bulter (Michael Legge), a young adult who moves away from home for the first time. His introverted personality is transformed by his outgoing, gay roommate Vincent (Allen Leech), but this new-found confidence leads him down darker roads as he begins to carry drugs for the dealer in his apartment. This money he earns – and the glamour it buys – help him win the attentions of Shane’s best friend Gemma (Amy Shiels), but the difficulty of juggling his new personality with his new ‘job’ threatens this sudden success. The drama and excitement of young people moving away from home is well captured here, as characters learn what it means to make their own choices about life in this energetic coming of age drama. 

Best Costume Design Award at the 2nd Irish Film and Television Awards 2004.

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