Irish Film Institute -COPACABANA


Director: Marc Fitoussi

France • 2010 • 107 minutes

One of the greatest pleasures of Marc Fitoussi’s enjoyable comedy is the relish with which Isabelle Huppert attacks her part, delighting in letting loose and having the welcome opportunity to display the lighter side of her talent. She is Babou, the absolutely fabulous baba-cool mother of conservative Esmeralda (Lolita Chammah, Huppert’s daughter, also appearing in Memory Lane). When Esmeralda tells her that she is too embarrassed of her to invite her to her wedding, Babou resolves to make changes, and moves to Ostend to sell time-share apartments in the off-season. Although everything initially goes well, Babou chafes at settling down. As one would expect, the two actresses capture the mother-daughter dynamic perfectly, and while Chammah is an actress of no little talent, the film belongs to an endearing Huppert.

Actress Lolita Chammah will participate in a post-screening Q&A.

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