More than ever before, filmmakers must connect directly with their audience and the immediacy of the internet has given directors the opportunity to build a relationship with potential viewers throughout the process of making a film. This session explores the strategies filmmakers can employ to connect with modern audiences and includes festival special guest Jeanie Finlay (The Great Hip Hop Hoax) whose 2011 film, Sound It Out, was a masterclass in audience inclusion as it was funded by and distributed to an audience that became its advocates.

Host – Patrick O’Neill

Jeanie Finlay – The director of Sound It Out and the brand new BBC Storyville The Great Hip Hop Hoax has been a leading recent proponent of connecting with audiences, developing viewers for her films throughout the process.

Mike Cockayne – the producer director who successfully helmed Hardy Bucks from web-series to box office smash,

Nicky Gogan – producer or Pyjama Girls, Black Ice and the forthcoming Last Hijack who has had her finger on the pulse of the digital world for many years as Director of the Darklight Film Festival

John Wallace – who recently raised 80k online for the soon-to-be-completed film Showrunners and announced an exciting new deal for the film at a panel at Comicon.

This Panel is part of the IFI Stranger than Fiction Festival 2013.

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