Irish Film Institute -COLOUR OF THE OCEAN



95 minutes, Germany-Spain, 2011, Subtitled, Colour, Anamorphic, Dolby Digital Stereo, 35mm

A thriller that provides multiple perspectives on the moral complexities of immigration, Maggie Peren’s Colour of the Ocean is set on the Canary Islands, where the sun-drenched beaches are scattered not only with tourists but also the dead and dehydrated bodies of African boat people. German tourist Nathalie (Sabine Timoteo) saves the lives of two survivors of the ocean crossing simply by giving them bottled water. Zola (Hubert Koundé) and his young son will be forever in her debt, and she becomes involved, for better and worse, in their fight to stay on European soil. Sent to a detention centre by a hard-as-nails local cop, the two immigrants find themselves ensnared in a situation where Nathalie’s well-intentioned involvement does as much harm as good.

Apart from its strong performances and gorgeous visuals, what’s most admirable about Peren’s film is the way it avoids oversimplifying the issues and encourages the audience to think for itself. 

Showing as part of German Film Week, presented in co-operation with the Goethe-Institut Irland.

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