87 minutes| Ireland| 2009| Colour| D-Cinema

Ross McDonnell will take part in an in-depth discussion about this film after the 18.10 screening on July 23rd.

This debut feature from Dubliner Ross McDonnell and Brooklyn-based Carter Gunn penetrates the tight community of North American beekeepers during the ongoing crisis of Colony Collapse Disorder, which has seen the unexplained loss of over a quarter of the United States’ bees in recent years. The impact of this crisis on honey production, on pollination of a vast range of agricultural crops and on the beekeeping community itself is explored through Gunn’s skilful editing and through McDonnell’s breathtakingly beautiful cinematography. At the heart of the film is the story of the young Seppi brothers of California, newcomers to the world of beekeeping,
for whom the tough challenge of running a business in recessionary times runs contrary to their deep Christian faith. This luminous documentary communicates an urgent ecological message with great cinematic artistry.

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