Clara et Moi

Director: Arnaud Viard


An intelligent and mainstream love story, nicely played and engaginglytold, Clara et Moi is a confident debut from writer-director Arnaud Viard. Shortly before his 33rd birthday, Anton decides it is time to settle down. The only problem is that he hasn’t found his true love. One day on the metro he meets Clara, and after a charming first encounter, their romance develops with ease. She’s beautiful, smart and funny, and soon they’re a regular couple in love. But life isn’t so simple and their delight in each other is dealt an unexpected blow.
Much of the appeal of Clara et Moi lies in its modesty and sincerity. Paris is captured as a beautiful city, but one where real people live and work. And Viard brings truthfulness to Anton and Clara’s relationship, helped byJulien Boisselier and Julie Gayet’s convincing performances as the modern lovers. Underscoring the storyline, the film features songs bypopular musician Benjamin Biolay.-

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