Irish Film Institute -CITIZEN KANE



119 minutes, U.S.A., 1941, Black and White, 35mm

Drawn by the experimental methods employed by Welles in his theatre work, influential and technically savvy cinematographer Gregg Toland first approached the director to work on Kane so that he could tackle new ideas that would undoubtedly have drawn criticism from the Hollywood establishment at the time.

While a lot of key innovations that soon became standardised were developed by Toland on set – distorted close-ups and lighting from below rather than above the actors – his most outstanding contribution to the film was to provide a commanding depth of space, all in sharp focus, which in turn provided Welles with the ability to perform and direct with an invaluable sense of freedom.


Showing as part of Eye to Eye – Visionary Partnerships in Cinematography and Direction (July 2nd – 30th).


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