Irish Film Institute -Cineoke 3: Back With A Vengance

Cineoke 3: Back With A Vengance

Director: Tom Maguire

Do you dream of yodelling The Lonely Goatherd with Julie Andrews along for the ride? Perhaps you’ve got a little bit of a Yentl hidden in your darkest heart and dying to see the light of day, or a drop dead gorgeous Doris Day desperate to burst out of the closet to share her secret love? Or maybe when you sing to the bedroom mirror with a brush for a microphone you’re a Funny Girl or an Evita, a Dorothy Gale or a Sally Bowles, or even a crooning Frank Sinatra trying it on with the International Dublin Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.
This year we’re bringing it all back by popular demand. If you don’t know what Cineoke is all about already, the story goes something like this: We play a selection of clips from everyone’s favourite musicals featuring the lyrics on the silver screen and we give you a microphone, on stage, to sing along with. And the audience can sing along to their hearts content too. It’s kind of a mass musical karaoke session. And to help y’all overcome your shyness, her highness, Miss Panti will be hosting the proceedings and maybe even delivering a musical moment of her own, or two. So, if you feel the need to belt your musical heart out or simply enjoy a cinematic feast of fabulous fagginess, Cineoke 3: Back With A Vengance is an absolute must.

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