Cinema Paradiso ( Nuovo Cinema Paradiso)

Director: Giuseppe Tornatore

Re-released for Christmas, Guseppe Tornatore’s popular 1988 movie is a wonderfully emotive portrayal of one man’s attempt to reconcile his past and present by acknowledging his origins. Salvatore (Jacques Perrin), a successful but World-weary filmmaker, is drawn back to his Sicilian birthplace by the death of an elderly friend, Alfredo (Phillippe Noiret). As an impish young boy, Salvatore became captivated by the local cinema and cajoled projectionist Alfredo into teaching him the trade. The story unfolds in a flashback to Salvatore’s formative experiences and his dual passions for cinema and a local rich girl he will never marry.
Tornatore evokes Sicilian provincial life with affection and humour, especially the strong sense of community and interdependence among the small town’s many colourful characters. The local cinema played a crucial role in the life of such communities, and films form a significant part of Salvatore’s memories. Through the life of the eponymous Cinema Paradiso, the film spans the history of cinema, from Chaplin and Rome, Open City to Brigitte Bardot.

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