Cinema Electronica

Director: Assorted Directors

82 min.

As dance-floor electronics have mutated, big-budget videos for the genre’s artists have all but disappeared, spawning the twin trends of DIY innovation and hand-crafted animation that permeate this year’s Cinema Electronica programme. Electronic mainstays the Chemical Brothers deliver a high-energy krump session in ‘Galvanize’ and nightmarish robotic hallucinations in Believe, whilst Basement Jaxx take the Queen out for a debauched night on the town in U Don’t Know Me. Animated styles ranging from felt stop-motion to CG to Yellow Submarine-inspired psychedelia emerge in videos for Coldcut, Jori Hulkonnen and Quasimoto, whilst clips like Jaron Albertin’s ‘7 Minutes’ for Circlesquare challenge the viewer to discover the significance of a single shattered moment.

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