Irish Film Institute -Children’s showcase plus Animation for Schools Competition

Children’s showcase plus Animation for Schools Competition

Bob the Builder – Special Delivery Spud
Director: Simon Jowett Production: HIT Entertainment PLC
Synopsis: Bob’s saw is so blunt that Mrs Potts’s fence is behind schedule. He decides to order Wendy her own saw as a surprise, see how the story unfolds.
Duration: 10 mins

Angela Anaconda
Director: Sue Rose Production: Joanna Ferrone, Cartoon Network
Synopsis: Angela is a pretty good kid, but sometimes her wild imagination takes over. And when that happens, Angela is almost always dreaming of a way to get back at the super annoying Nanette Manoir
Duration: 21 mins 50 secs

Norman Normal
Production: Magma Films, France 2/3
Synopsis: Norman is a 13 year-old boy, who is normal in every way possible… apart from the fact that he’s a member of a superhero family of course! Take it away Norman…
Duration: 24 mins

The Power Puff Girls
Director: Craig McCracken Production: Cartoon Network
Synopsis: Working late one night, Professor Utonium, a lonely genetic engineer, was about to realise his lifelong dream.
Duration: 20 mins

Dragonball Z
Production: Cartoon Network
Synopsis: Dragonball Z follows the exploits of Goku, a powerful Super-Saiyan warrior originally sent to destroy Earth. Goku forgets his true purpose and instead becomes Earth’s defender.
Duration: 22 mins

Ed, Edd and Eddie
Production: Cartoon Network
Synopsis: Three friends band together because they all share the same name, live on the same cul-de-sac and are tackling some of life’s most daunting problems!
Duration: 20 mins

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