Irish Film Institute -Children Of Allah

Children Of Allah

Director: K. Walsh & J. Beardsworth

2006| 77 mins Ireland

Introducing Keith Walsh and Jill Beardsworth as major new Irish talents, this unobtrusive, engaging and affectionate journey takes us into daily life at an Indian orphanage. ‘Every morning we’d see this line of boys, looking contented and happy, making their way to school. It caught our attention, we felt a need to find out more,’ they said. The boys were from the Muslim orphanage in Mattancherry, Kerala, India. They befriended the boys, and found themselves drawn into the daily life of the orphanage. Moved by the world they found themselves in, the filmmakers’ natural response was to make a documentary on the orphanage. The unhurried pace of the narrative coupled with the sensitive approach and presence of the camera allows us to inhabit the world of this orphanage, a world where the Muslim religion plays such an important part. And as this inviting journey unfolds we get to know some of the boys who live there and how this orphanage provides a home for them, something their own homes could not do.

The directors will attend the screening.

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