Changement d’adresse

Director: Emmanuel Mouret

France. 2006. 85mins

French-horn player David (hmm, does that just make him a regular horn player?) arrives in Paris looking for work with an orchestra, and a place to live. After meeting ditzy blonde Anne in the street, he’s soon sharing her flat, and, occasionally, her bed, despite her professed attraction to another guy. But then he begins giving music lessons to Julia, the beautiful, taciturn daughter of a rich woman, and before long he’s smitten. For a while, David is happy, Anne is happy, and Julia (as much as she gives anything away) seems happy. Then along comes Julien, a smoothtalking restauranteur… With the writer-director himself playing the hapless David, this comedy consistently surprises: from its rapid-fire comic timing – worthy of a Swiss watchmaker – to the charmingly surreal string of sexual and romantic frustrations it describes. ‘Eric Rohmer meets Woody Allen in a light comedy that’s Parisian to its fingertips’ says Variety. The director will attend the screening

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