89 minutes| France-Canada-U.S.A.-U.K.-Germany| 2010| Colour| 3D| D-Cinema

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Werner Herzog shows how a great director can make the most of 3D in this jaw-dropping documentary affording us a privileged view of the world’s oldest artworks. Undisturbed until 1994, when a French team discovered a narrow inlet in a cliff face, the Chauvet Cave in the rugged Ardeche region of southern France is home to prehistoric cave paintings believed to be around 30,000 years old. These extraordinary images of horses, lions, bears and rhinos offer us a spellbinding connection with our distant ancestors, but such is the fragility of their underground enclave it remains closed to all but a few fortunate scientific experts, until the French Ministry of Culture allowed Herzog limited filming access. Needless to say, the maverick German brings his own quizzical wit to the proceedings, but what comes over most strongly is an authentic sense of wonder – augmented by striking you-are-there 3D visuals – thrillingly underlining how art is mankind’s ultimate expression of immortality. (Notes by Trevor Johnston).

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