95 minutes, France, 2013

Previously the subject of a biopic starring Isabelle Adjani, sculptor Camille Claudel is here portrayed by Juliette Binoche in the first instance of director Bruno Dumont working with an established star. In all other respects, the film, first shown in competition at Berlin, remains unmistakeably identifiable as the work of Dumont. Confined by her family to a remote asylum following the breakdown of a long affair with Auguste Rodin, Camille’s days are filled with despondency both at her surroundings and her sense of abandonment.

Rigorous and challenging, the film also contains a performance from Binoche that stands out even in her illustrious career. (Notes by Kevin Coyne.)

Winner: Jury Award, Brussels Film Festival 2013

Official Competition, Berlin Film Festival 2013

Director’s Note: Dumont’s film is raw, challenging, and even painful, yet beautiful. Juliette Binoche is captivating! 

This film is screening as part of the Carte Noire IFI French Film Festival (November 20th – December 1st 2013).


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