Irish Film Institute -Butterfly’s Tongue

Butterfly’s Tongue

Director: Jose Luis Cuerda

Another chance to see this highly acclaimed Spanish language film. It traces the events in the months leading up to the Spanish Civil War through the eyes of Moncho, a young, shy schoolboy, and the teacher who takes him under his wing.
Those who have seen the Italian film, Cinema Paradiso may see similarities in the film’s use of a young narrator. However, while the story is told by Moncho, the fact of his youth becomes increasingly irrelevant as events take a dramatic turn and something of the horror of the war is revealed. When Franco’s troops rolled in, they brought about irrevocable changes to the life of Moncho, his family and that of his liberal teacher.
This beautiful and sensitively drawn picture of a period in Spanish history is from veteran director, Jose Luis Cuerda.

Spain 1999
English Subtitles
95 mins
Director: Jose Luis Cuerda

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