Director: Yan Yan Mak

Hong Kong| 2004| 35mm| 124 mins| Cantonese/English s/t

Controlled, 30-something Flavia (Josie Ho) combines a teaching career with a happy marriage and a delightful baby, apparently with effortless ease. But when boho young singer Yip (Tian Yuan) starts to pursue her, memories are awakened of the woman she loved in her student days in China, in the ferment of the pro-democracy movement which culminated in the massacre at Tianamen Square.
As her affair with Yip deepens, and two of her pupils appeal to her for help when they are threatened with separation, Flavia is forced to revisit the past, seeking out her old lover, now a nun in Macao. As she recognises her self-betrayal and complicity in the unhappy end of their affair, Flavia is forced to confront the possibility of transformation, and the choice she must make between her ‘perfect’ life with her husband and child and her responsibility to herself.

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