Broken Hearts (Corazones rotos)

Director: Rafael Montero

(Mexico-Brazil-Uruguay| 2001. English subtitles. Colour. 120 mins.)

After many years of directing openly commercial films, director Rafael Montero has returned to a personal mode in Broken Hearts, an ambitious mosaic about the existential angst of the Mexican middle-class. The film focuses on the diverse tribulations of the inhabitants of one building contained within a huge apartment complex. Housewife Eva (Veronica Merchant) is leaving husband Horacio (Rafael Sanchez Navarro) because he’s unemployed. Ageing prostitute Celina (Ana Martin) redefines Oedipal relationships with her teenage son, who secretly dresses in her costumes. Good-looking Teresa (Lorena Rojas) experiences a casual sex encounter with a former friend from college. . . . All the characters lead lives of not-so-quiet desperation, and each is suffering from the onslaught of an economic crisis that’s reduced them to living hand-to-mouth.

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