Irish Film Institute -Boys Will Be Boys (Men’s shorts)

Boys Will Be Boys (Men’s shorts)

What a tangled web we weave as seven directors show you their view of the world through particularly pink lenses.

In Plain or Chocolate an office worker decides to come out through his choice of breakfast, while The Mountain King finds a straight guy coming over all gay after he gets hustled on a beach.

hITCH is a time-lapsed, split-screen road movie with a homoerotic difference, and Campfire takes a beautifully bittersweet look at teenage desire and denial on a scouts camping trip.

Sunday Afternoon is the most literal split-up ever filmed, watched by an audience of penguins in a zoo, The Calling is a quirky, funny clerical montage exploring one man’s mother-enforced vocation, and the award winning Waves follows a couple of 18 year-olds to the island of their childhood holidays, as they face growing up and growing apart.

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