Irish Film Institute -Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage

Director: Jean-Paul Rappeneau

France| 2003| Comedy/Drama| English Subtitles| 114 mins

Set in Paris in 1940, this new film by Jean-Paul Rappeneau takes a light-hearted look at wartime France. The result is an often hilarious caper movie, which successfully combines fast action with comedy.
Naive young writer Frederic (Gregori Derangere) is set up by manipulative film actress Viviane (Isabelle Adjani) and sent to prison for the murder of her lover. As news of the German invasion spreads, everyone flees south to Bordeaux, including Viviane and her new lover Jean-Etienne Beaufort, Minister for the Interior (Gerard Depardieu). Frederic, who has escaped from prison with hundreds of others, also heads south with Raoul, a fellow prisoner. They meet Camille (Virginie Ledoyen) an attractive science student, who, with her mentor Professor Kopolski, needs help to transport a secret weapon to England.

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