Irish Film Institute -Bombon El perro

Bombon El perro

Director: Carlos Sorin

Argentina-Spain| 2004. English subtitles. Colour. Dolby digital stereo. 97 min.

Carlos Sorin, the Argentine director of Minimal Stories (Historias minimas), returns with a wonderful new film set in the vast expanses of Patagonia. Juan (Juan Villegas) is a middle-aged mechanic who has been made redundant after twenty years of service. One day he helps a stranded motorist and is rewarded with the present of a gigantic pedigree dog, Bombon. After teaming up with dog-show veteran Walter (Walter Donado), Juan dreams of money and glory. He suffers a setback when Bombon fails to perform stud duties, but Juan finds that his four-legged friend has allowed him to find a new purpose in life. The simple dignity of the largely non-professional cast and the film’s calculated yet effortless deadpan demeanour are a winning combination.

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