Irish Film Institute -Bloody Sunday

Bloody Sunday

Derry, 30th January 1972. A march for Civil Rights ends in the shooting of 13 unarmed civilians by members of the Parachute Regiment. A watershed in Northern Irish history, Bloody Sundayexamines how and why such violence can erupt on the streets of a small town. Originally aired on TV3, now you have the opportunity to experience its full impact on the big screen.
World Cinema Audience Award, Sundance 2002 Golden Bear Award, Berlin Film Festival 2002 Audience Award, Sydney Film Festival 2002 Best Director/Best Actor, British Independent Film Awards 2002 Hitchcock D’Or, Dinard Film Festival 2002
DIRECTOR Paul Greengrass
PRODUCERS Mark Redhead, Jim Sheridan, Arthur Lappin, Pippa Cross
CAST James Nesbitt, Kathy Kiera Clarke, Barbara Adair, John Carlin, Allan Gildea
RUNNING TIME 100 minutes

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