Irish Film Institute -BLOOD



93 minutes| Ireland| 2010| Colour

‘Every family has its secrets… Some are best kept hidden.’ Talented Irish filmmakers the Figgis Brothers are the driving force behind prolific Irish outfit October Eleven, most recently responsible for impressive micro-budget feature Three Crosses. We’re absolutely delighted to premiere October Eleven’s latest production, the promising debut feature by writer-director Bernadette Manton. A story of the ties that bind, Blood concerns troubled young man Guy (October Eleven regular Emmett J. Scanlon): following the mysterious death of his younger sister Carrie (Gail Brady), Guy reaches out to his oldest friend Jonathan (Steve Gunn), recently returned from several years spent overseas. A visit to support a grieving friend soon takes a sinister twist, however, as some Very Dark Secrets come into light. Largely shot on location in the atmospheric environs of Charleville Forest Castle, Co. Offally, Blood is an intense and troubling mood piece, and one of the more intriguing DIY Irish features in recent years: this special late night screening will be introduced by the cast and filmmakers. There will be Blood…

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