125 minutes| Thailand-France| 2002| Subtitled| Colour| 35mm

Divided into two parts by its unusually-placed credits sequence, Blissfully Yours is Apichatpong’s most sensuous and, some say, most erotic movie. The first part introduces the main characters and explores the binds that tie them. At the centre is Min, an illegal immigrant from Burma with a mysterious rash; circling him are two Thai women who have the hots for him, his girlfriend Roong and the married Orn, who is supposed to be getting him a fake passport.

The second part finds Min and Roong going deep into a jungle to bathe, relax and make love; by chance, Orn is meeting her lover nearby. There’s more going on here than meets the eye: the tottering Thai economy and the vicious Burmese military junta lie just offscreen, and Min’s health problems seem, to say the least, ominous. Mainly, though, it celebrates the pleasures of the moment. Especially the sexual pleasures.

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