Director: Pierre Laffargue

France • 2008 • 115 min

Not to be mistaken with the aforementioned Black Dynamite, Black knocked them dead at the recent Frightfest in London – we’re only dying to share it with Horrorthon audiences. Black is a heist movie with a difference – and stick with us if you’ve heard that one before. What’s it doing in a horror movie festival? That’s where things get truly interesting. After a Parisienne armed robbery goes badly wrong, seasoned thief Black (played by French rapper MC Jean Gab’1) absconds to his native Senegal, where a cousin tips him off to an easy diamond haul – before long, he’s in over his head, as things take a turn for the supernatural. A mish-mash of styles sees Tarantino-esque tropes bump uglies with African magic realism; curiously enough, it all makes perfect sense, thanks to first-time director Pierre Laffargue’s directorial swagger, leaving one to hope Pierre rejects the dodgy Hollywood offers bound to come his way. NB: Black comes recommended by Horrorthon programmer Ed King, a man whose taste in killer movies should never be underestimated. And a man who considers the stetson a valid fashion option.

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