Black Dynamite

Director: Scott Sanders

USA • 2009 • 84 min

Every year, the Horrorthon posse do their damnedest to include an unashamed, bullet-proof crowd pleaser; this time out it’s a dazzling tribute to blaxploitation movies, a meticulously recreated love letter to the ’70s that feels like a lost classic from the golden age of Shaft, Superfly and Dolemite – and a total funkin’ riot altogether. Bad-ass hero Black Dynamite, played to absolute perfection by b-movie staple Michael Jai White, is having one hell of a bad day: his baby brother has been bumped off by The Man, the orphanage that raised them is rife with smack, and his beloved ‘hood has been brought to its knees by poisonous malt liquor. It’s payback time, baby, and this means mutha ‘aint taking no prisoners! Make no mistake, Black Dynamite is freakin’ hilarious; there’s a downright funky ferociousness to the filmmaking, however, that makes it impossible to dismiss as mere parody. This isn’t a half-assed spoof along the lines of I’m Gonna Get You Sucka or Undercover Brother: this is blaxploitation, baby. You dig?

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