Best In Show

Director: Christopher Guest

U.S.A.| 2000. Dolby digital stereo. 84 minutes.

On the back of Waiting for Guffman’s burgeoning cult success, Guest and co-writer Eugene Levy reunited with their Guffman crew for this skewed look at the world of competitive dog trials, and, without remotely compromising their somewhat unique world vision, scored their biggest box-office hit to date. Many familiar faces return for the ride, including Tap alumni Michael ‘David St. Hubbins’ McKean and Ed Begley Jr (he played original Tap drummer John ‘Stumpy’ Pepys). As ever, the canine milieu merely serves to provide a playground for the eccentric array of choice comic creations, ranging from Parker Posey and Michael Hitchcock’s uptight yuppie couple from hell to Guest’s bone-dry backwoods bloodhound lover and nut aficionado Harlan Pepper. A proficient musician, Christopher Guest has often described his improvisational approach to filmmaking as being akin to playing jazz; by the time Fred Willard turns up for his Best In Show ‘solo’-and promptly stealing the show as a free-forming TV commentator-you’ll dig exactly what he’s getting at.

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