Irish Film Institute -BECAUSE WE WERE BORN


Director: Jean-Pierre Duret & Andrea Santana

France/Brazil • 2008 • 97 mins

The state of Pernambuco, in northeastern Brazil. A huge service station in the middle of an arid landscape provides Cocada and Nego, two young teenage friends, with dreams and distractions. Cocada dreams of becoming a truck driver, and sleeps in a truck cab each night. His father was murdered, and he has found a substitute father in Mineiro, a driver who takes the time to talk with him and who helps him when the temptation of easy but illegally earned money becomes too strong. As for Nego, he lives in a favela, surrounded by a big family. His mother would like him to go to school to get an education, but Nego wants to leave, to earn some money. Endowed with the peculiar maturity that is acquired too soon when confronted by adversity, they wonder what lies ahead. Their only perspective: a road leading to São Paulo, to an elsewhere.
‘The helmers struck gold with their subjects’ Variety

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