Irish Film Institute -Bay of Love and Sorrows, The

Bay of Love and Sorrows, The

Director Tim Southam’s excellent adaptation of David Adams Richards’ novel is one of the best Canadian films of the year. Set in the early 1970s in New Brunswick, this is a powerful story about a rich kid’s social experiment with communal finances and its tragic impact on a small community. Michael (Johathan Scarfe), a judge’s son newly returned from an inspiring tour of India, is a golden boy who coasts on his money and charm. Democratically sharing his time, body, car and boat with his girlfriend Madonna (Joanne Kelly) and her younger brother Silver (Christopher Jacot), he even extends his largesse to cover Everette Hatch (Peter Outerbridge), the town criminal. Everette convinces the threesome to put their money in a collective piggy-bank, only to use the funds for a drug deal. The deal goes sour and sets off a catastrophic chain of events. A great admirer of the novel, Southam has done his source material proud, making excellent use of locations and a talented cast, which includes Irish actress Elaine Cassidy. Delving deep into tragic themes involving class, friendship and loyalty, the story builds to a shattering climax.
Canada, 2002. Colour. Dolby digital stereo. 95 mins.

Both Tim Southam and Elaine Cassidy will be in attendance for the January 14 screening of ‘The Bay of Love and Sorrows’, which will be followed by an on-stage Q&A session chaired by Kingsley Canham.

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