Director: Thomas Lauterbach

79 minutes| Germany| 2009| Subtitled| Colour| Digibeta

A prize-winner at Leipzig’s documentary festival, Thomas Lauterbach’s Bastion of Sin presents a thoughtful and entertaining discussion on identity and tolerance. It tells of Aysel, a devout Muslim who for many years has led a sheltered life a as housewife. When she learns that a Stuttgart theatre director is assembling an amateur and all-Turkish cast of women in his modern production of Medea, Aysel decides to audition for a part. Designed to examine Eastern and Western images of women, the production asks each cast member to contribute their own personal story to the experimental script. Aysel is the only headscarf-wearing Turk in the bunch and soon takes it upon herself to defend her traditional views against the more modern ideas of her fellow cast members. There’s more drama off stage than on as Lauterbach’s cameras capture exceedingly intelligent discussion about religion, oppression and sex from a group of remarkable women.

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