Director: Frank Henenlotter

USA • 2008 • COLOUR • 85 MIN

In an age when cult filmmakers come pre-packaged, it’s a thrill to welcome the long-overdue return of one of the true mavericks of the horror genre — and there truly is nothing quite like a Frank Henenlotter movie. The demented visionary behind splat-stick classics Basket Case, Brain Damage and Frankenhooker is back behind the camera for the first time in fifteen years and making up for lost time. Bad Biology aims to offend on pretty much every level imaginable. This quintessential Henenlotter tale of two lost souls seeking true love features a woman (Charlee Danielson) with seven clitorises and a penchant for killing her lovers during orgasm, and a man (Anthony Sneed) with a giant sentient penis. You’ll be sick… with laughter.

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